The Industrial network

With strong ties in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, the CBS sector in Haute-Normandie employs more than 18 000 salaried staff (of whom 8 000 work in the pharmacy sector) in over one hundred industrial establishments. Positioned as they are in the high-added-value products sector, the domains of medical chemistry and therapeutic chemistry constitute key jewels in the region's industrial crown. Being involved from drug development through to GMP production, the Haute-Normandie region is home to one of France's major pharmaceutical production areas (5th position).

Drawing on a wide array of professional skills in such fields as logistics, packaging, and production technology, and possessing a highly skilled labour force, Haute-Normandie has been chosen a s a base by leading worldwide companies such as Sanofi, GSK and JNJ, as well as major players in the fields of drug formulation and packaging. All forms of medicines are manufactured here: solids, injectable formulations, inhaled medicines and so on, throughout a variety of key therapeutic domains such as respiratory medicine, antithrombotic medicine, vaccines and so forth.

These sites are able to benefit from a fully integrated sector in the region, which extends from the production of active substances to drug distribution activities and includes specialised packaging and logistics.

R&D activities are concentrated in several important sites such as Janssen (JNJ Group), Ethypharm and Aptar Pharma, among others and within an array of innovative start-up companies.

Map of pharmaceutical companies in Haute-Normandie 
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