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Avis de recherche

Discovering new molecules and testing them up to the clinical trial stage, taking advantage of an environment oriented towards research, and taking advantage of cutting-edge infrastructures accessible to all, are all possibilities already available to research teams in the chemistry-biology-health sector in Haute-Normandie. Based around the University Hospital campus, the major research institutes and the IBiSA-labelled technical platforms, all of which are ready to share resources and create partnerships, these research teams are all working with a view to excellence in order to innovate.



From synthesis of biomarkers through to determination of the biological activity of specific substances of interest, the Haute-Normandie regional cellular imaging research platform offers leading-edge equipment and services to a broad scientific community. The platform was awarded IBiSA (Biology, Health and Food Sciences Infrastructure) labelling in 2008, which was renewed in 2012.

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Contact : by telephone on +33 (0)2 35 14 70 48 or email



Researchers and engineers from the Rouen instrument platform for separative and analytical sciences are renowned for their expertise in the fields of purification and characterisation of proteins and peptides in living tissue. The platform, which was awarded IBiSA labelling in 2008 and ISO 9001 certification in 2001, is equipped with highly effective tools and innovative technologies in order to meet the requirements of its partners in the fields of human health, plant sciences, food sciences and cosmetics.

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Contact by telephone on +33 (0)2 35 14 66 80 or email


C2I Orga

The Centre for Innovation and Engineering was designed to serve academic partners as well as local and national companies by providing research services requiring high levels of expertise in analytical and organic chemistry.
C2I Orga, with its highly skilled staff and quality certificates, is able to provide excellent services under optimal conditions in the following five key areas: pharmaceutical chemistry, environmental science, cosmetics, food science, energy and materials.

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Contact : Vincent Levacher, director of the C2I Orga platform, by telephone on +33 (0) or email



In response to the need for control of contamination by the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, the Normandie Sécurité Sanitaire (health and safety) technological platform is working on two technical approaches:

  • a mix of standard and innovative technologies for the destruction of microorganisms: pulsed light, continuous UV, photocatalysis,
  • an alternative toxicology approach for use in place of animal experimentation: in-vitro microbiology and toxicology.

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Contact : Pauline Penalva, by telephone on +33 (0)2 32 29 15 18 or email