Structural projects

Labex Synorg


Labex SynOrg is the largest group of French laboratories involved in organic synthesis. Focusing on synthesis methods, its research is targeted at use in the life sciences. The goal is to open up new pathways of discovery and synthesis of new pharmacologically active compounds. Research activity focuses on the following 4 key areas:

  • Heterochemistry,
  • metal-mediated chemistry,
  • glycochemistry,
  • heterocycles.

The 3 major challenges are:

  • development of new synthetic methods and new reaction sequences for the effective production of novel families of compounds,
  • development of innovative methods for bioconjugate chemistry and labelling techniques,
  • development of eco-compatible reaction sequences.

For more information :

Contact : by telephone on +33 (0)2 35 52 29 20 or email


Interreg AI Chem Channel


Under the coordination of the University of Normandy, the AI Chem Channel project involves a consortium of 9 academic partners on both sides of the Channel. It was selected within the framework of the European cross-frontier cooperation program INTERREG IVA between France (Manche) and England, and is co-funded by the ERDF. The overall aim of the project is to create a high-level scientific platform in molecular chemistry in order to facilitate the transfer of academic knowledge to industry. The key goals of the project are:

  • to promote cross-Channel public-private cooperation, with the support of the innovation agencies,
  • to develop research and training programmes jointly with industry,
  • to favour the creation of start-ups supported by local incubators.

For more information :

Contact: by telephone on +33 (0)2 35 52 24 76 or email




The Network of excellence in peptide research and development (PeReNe) is seeking to place the cross-Channel sector firmly at the leading edge of peptide research.
This network, at the service of institutional laboratories and companies, brings together the skills and tools needed to conduct high-level cross-disciplinary projects involving peptides and concerning industrial applications in the fields of cosmetics, food science and medical science.
In order to successfully conduct the 14 collaborative research projects on bioactive peptides laid down in the framework of this Interreg IVA project, PeReNE works in association with 23 research teams, 3 IBiSA platforms, and 2 innovative SMEs, and it can call on the involvement of Cosmetic Valley.

For more information :

Contact : M. David Vaudry by telephone on +33 (0)2 35 14 67 60 or email david. 


LOGO-RIS-ok Rouen Innovtion Santé


Located in the centre of Rouen, well served by public transport and very close to the A28 and A29 motorways, Rouen Innovation Santé is a centre for economic activities dedicated solely to health care.

With a high-level scientific environment comprising the Rouen University Hospital, the Medicine and Pharmacy UFR (research and training unit) and laboratories belonging to the the Major Chemistry-Biology-Health Research Network, the Rouen Innovation Santé centre seeks to provide premises and assistance for innovative companies in the health sector within the Seine Biopolis incubator as part of a vast 31 000 m² complex of offices and laboratories currently under construction.
The RIS will also house an extension of the University Hospital - Hospitals of Rouen (Medical Training Centre and Mother-and-Child Centre).