CBS Club

Club CBS

The CBS club is a tool dedicated to young Normandy-based companies and it allows sharing of experience, of ideas on good practices and of information, as well as pooling of materials and human resources. The aim is to provide an answer to participants' problems, which are frequently of a specific type common to start-ups in the life sciences field. We bring together the directors of such companies in theme-based meetings chaired by an expert on the subject in question. Conviviality and synergy are the keywords at these meetings.




Dubbed the meetings of the Technopole, conferences bring together academic and industrial players from the sector around subjects of topical importance and shared interest. They are chaired by an expert in the field and illuminated by experience from the industrial sector where the topic lends itself to such an approach. Each of these conferences is followed by a period of meeting and exchange in a convivial atmosphere with a single goal: networking!

If you would like to suggest a topic or organise a talk on a particular subject, contact us 


Working groups

Groupes de travail

The creation of working groups and theme-based reflection groups favours links between the various actors within a given sector of activity. We currently chair 2 working groups:

  • Sustainable Development,
  • MedTech.

During meetings, we discuss subjects of central and immediate concern to the participants. The provision of information by an expert, the sharing of reflections on good practices, feedback about individual experiences, shared training, and other approaches all help provide participants with a welcome response.